Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When did you open and where are your locations? We officially opened Guy's North in February of 2006. Our address at Guy's North is 12655 Ventura Blvd. 2nd Floor Studio City, CA 91604, and Guy's Bar is 8713 Beverly Blvd West Hollywood CA 90048.

2. How are you affiliated with Jerry's Deli? The Starkman family, who own Jerry's Deli, also owns and operates Guy's Bar in West Hollywood, and Guy's North in Studio City.

3. Who does your catering, and do you allow outside catering? We have a catering staff seperate from Jerry's Deli, however Jerry's Deli food is always avaliable to you. We can accommodate any requests. Keep in mind that we are not a kosher establishment, although we do work with kosher caterers. Other than that, we do not allow outside catering in the venue.

4. How much does it cost to rent the space? Understand that each event is different, so there is no set price list. Prices vary from days of the week, to amount of people, to menu selection and bar choice. The easiest thing for us is if you have a budget, and we work with you to manage that budget.

For event and pricing information on renting Guy's Bar in West Hollywood, please call Warren at 310-729-4031. For event and pricing information on Guy's North, please call Billy Friedman at 818-766-8311 ext 136.

5. Is there parking at your locations? Yes, there is valet parking avaliable nightly at Guy's Bar, and free parking at Guy's North, if you'd like valet parking for an event at Guy's North, it is avaliable upon request.

6. What nights are you open, and is there a cover charge? This varies, as our main focus is private events so it changes from week to week. Please call either contact listed to confirm if we are open to the public. Cover charges vary as well.

7. Do you work with promoters? From time to time, yes. Please call Billy Friedman at 818-766-8311 X 136 for information.

8. What is your policy on lost or stolen items? To find missing items or a left credit card, please contact the Guys or Guys North main office. Please note however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

9. Which vendors do you work with? While we are open to any vendors you may like to use for your event, all vendors must be licensed, bonded and insured. Please contact Billy Friedman for a list of approved vendors.